Once in a while, we encounter a food book that has never, to our knowledge, received the fanfare it deserves. I would put in this category a book in my library, The Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon, which I cherish and refer to often because it is so thoroughgoing and authoritative in its subject matter, and the recipes are uncommonly well written and authentic.
— Craig Claiborne, New York Times.
It was with scepticism that I approached this book as I felt that no one could possibly be well versed in the culinary traditions of 15 countries. But now after trying out a few familiar recipes I’m convinced that Mrs Solomon knows what she’s writing about. I was most impressed by the fact that she got the principles and cooking methods of each cuisine right and that she has more than just a passing familiarity with the food she writes about.
— Violet Oon, New Nation, Singapore.
This marvelous book is a tour de force ... Authentic recipes, all possible for one Western kitchen.
— Publishers Weekly.
A simply gorgeous publication, superbly illustrated and written in Charmaine’s inimitable style.
— Anne Abayasekara, Ceylon Observer.